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NameLabelsMagic |  Fundraising


Please check below how you can benefit from NameLabelsMagic's fundraising program!




NameLabelsMagic's Fundraising Program


Fundraising with NameLabelsMagic grows your organization's bank account while reducing your lost and found pile at the same time!

We make it easy; we do all the work like taking orders, collecting payment and delivering labels and you simply collect the commission!

When the customer gives us your organizations Fund Raising ID during online order,
your organization makes % 10 on the sale*.

To raise funds for your school/nursery, enter this School ID when ordering:
If the School ID is missing, ask the school or contact NameLabelsMagic on


NameLabelsMagic will:

Give you a Fund Raising ID/School ID code to provide to your children's parents/organization members

Ask parents/members to order on the website using your Fund Raising ID/School ID. Every order placed on our website will be credited to your school/organization. Tell parents about the "School ID" and website in the school newsletter.

We create our durable,high quality and custom-made name labels and ship directly to your members

Our NameLabelsMagic's team has created a variety of digital marketing materials to help you increase sales.We have gone digital to help your fundraiser reach a wider audience through email, social media and much more!

A fundraising check will be sent in mid April and October of each year.

* Your check will include 10% of all non-discounted purchases that use your code (not including tax or shipping).

We are excited to support SCHOOL, NURSERY, DAY CARE, COLLEGE, CARE HOME,CAMPS,SPORT TEAMS,CLUBS both here in the U.K. and abroad.We would like to wish you good luck with your fundraising!



Our Fundraisers are ongoing: With no end date, orders can be placed anytime during the year. Families can order as often as they like.
A Fundraiser with high quality product: At NamelabelMagic we know important fundraising is for many schools and groups. We are happy and proud to offer quality products that are both practical, durable, beautiful and helps your organisation raise much needed funds.
Reduce lost property: Our products make keeping track of belongings so much easier. Our fundraisers are perfect for schools that have lost property issues.

To send a detailed message, please e-mail

Please read the Fundraising Terms & Conditions below when applying.

NameLabelsMagic Fundraising Terms and Conditions

How the NameLabelsMagic Fundraising Program Works:

NameLabelsMagic will provide a digital copies of flyers and posters as marketing materials to promote an organization’s fundraiser. For the School /Organization , NameLabelsMagic will provide a unique Fund Raising ID/School ID to be entered in the “School Id” box in the product order page on the website.

A commission check will include 10% of all non-discounted purchases that use your code (not including tax or shipping).

Cheques will be issued according to the schedule below:

Valid Dates for PurchasesCheck Printed
October 1st - March 31th Mid April
April 1st - September 30thMid October

How to Apply to the NameLabelsMagic Fundraising Program:

  1. A representative of the organization can contact to apply for a Fund Raising ID/School ID.
  2. A digital application form will be emailed to you.The application must be submitted and must include:
  • Name of School/Organization
  • School/Organization name to appear on commission check
  • Address of where check should beposted
  • Contact for fundraiser (name, phone , email, and relationship to school/organization)

Rules of NameLabelsMagic Fundraising Program:

It is the responsibility of the fundraising school or organization to ensure that their Fund Raising ID/School ID is being distributed in accordance with NameLabelsMagic Fundraising Program Rules.

If violations of the NameLabelsMagic Fundraising Program Rules occur, NameLabelsMagic reserves the right to discontinue a school or organization’s fundraising code and will not honour any false purchases.

NameLabelsMagic reserves the right to remove any orders from a fundraiser account due to cancellations, returns, disputed charges, and program violations as outlined in NameLabelsMagic Fundraising Program Rules.

NameLabelsMagic will only honour Fund Raising ID/School ID that are provided through the NameLabelsMagic Fundraising Program or that are displayed on our website.

NameLabelsMagic can only apply one promotional code per order. Fundraising codes cannot be combined with other promotional discount codes; including items on sale.

NameLabelsMagic |  Fundraising Copyright © 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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